The Rich History of Taquerias El Mexicano

Cousins Guillermo and Mario Martinez arrived in Chicago within 7 years of each other and quickly became a part of Chicago’s Lower West Side. They grew up in the predominantly Mexican Neighborhood, immersed in the music, the culture and the food.

Taquerias El Mexicano - 521 SW 8th ST, Miami, FL 33130

In 1985 they arrived on Calle Ocho with their first venue together, Taquerias El Mexicano. A celebration of Mexico in the heart of Little Havana, their idea was to create a family friendly place where homemade recipes and fresh ingredients could take center stage. Their flagship location on Calle Ocho and 5th Avenue became the meeting place for locals, tourists, international personalities and dignitaries who were all looking for a true Mexican experience.

Many years later, in the spirit of always preserving what makes Little Havana the historic center of our city, Taquerias El Mexicano continues to honor their legacy: Delicious food with great ingredients in a delightful and authentic atmosphere that reminds you of a Mexican home.